PETER MANARCHY -' BALISTIC E.P' // Super Fresh acid techno release! OUT NOW!!

   ARTIST: Pete Manarchy
   TITLE: Ballistic E.P
   GENRES: Acid / Techno / Hard Techno
   CAT: HT909018
   RELEASE DATE: 01/10/2017

Peter Manarchy returns to Hypnotek909 with his follow up to his chart topping debut release for 909london'Bellringer'earlier this year. This time we are treated to three unique and powerfully original tracks of highly inventive and very fresh sounding acid techno. Peter'delivers a  newskool sound that isn't affraid to experiment and break the rules in order to come up with something that is truly different. This is why Peter is one of our favorite new producers, his diverse contempary style and super tight production skills are matched by his originality. This is a solid EP by one of the most promising producers of current times! Watch out for a track from Peter on our new vinyl label Hypnotech Records in the new year.. definitely one to watch out for!

1.) MANARCHY - Dirty Bomb (Original Mix)

2.) MANARCHY - Dominated Revolt (Original Mix)

3.) MANARCHY - Wotsit Hitler (Original Mix)

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