A1. John Rowe - Hypnohigh'(2017 Mix)
This track was first released a few years back on Chris Liberators label' Superconductor Records' to an enthusiastic response, and a top spot on the 909london chart!
Here it gets a 2017 rework (which gives a cheeky nod back to the oldschool acid technotrance sound of the 90's)
Hard and hypnotic grooves, tearing acid lines and spun-out samples taken from obscure 80's horror movie 'Motel Hell' (check it out its bizarre!) all polished up with a newskool edge and modern production techniques...Twisted!

A2. John Rowe - Hypnohigh' (Gendefekt Remix)
Austrian acid producer (and Hypno's secret weapon) Gendefekt is on remix duties and he turns in a funky, energetic and uncompromising acid techno remix of 'Hypnohigh' where he strips it right back, adds a his tough and tight production style alongside nifty percussion work and a subtle key change that lifts the track to new heights.

B1. Healium - 'Huhh!'(Original Mix)
Healium are production duo J.Raninen & T.Kesäniemi from Finland with roots back in the 90's, yet creating fresh sounds for the future, Healium have become one of the leading acid techno live acts of our time. Testaments to the fact are high profile releases on international labels such as Djax-up-beats, Futureaudio and Vi Två Proloop and remixes for Union Jack, Art of trance and Acid Invaders.
Here they deliver a swung-out stomping 130bpm acid house/techno crossover track 'Huhh!'
let loose on their analogue machines they take us on an immense journey, to me, THIS is how acid should sound!

B2. Accentbuster - 'Operation Gladio' (Original Mix)
Accentbuster is German techno artist Frank Wirth and one of our favorite artists here at hypnohouse label group, Frank has produced some highly original acid tracks for us in the past 5 years and we had to include his stunning 'Operation Gladio' track, a conspiricy-acid materpeice that clocks in at 125bpm and is as hard as nails! Low slung, slamming beats and folding acid lines immerse you in this diverse new spin on the classic analogue rave sound. Crescendo after crescendo crashing in topping off this first release good and proper!

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