Hypnohouse unleash this immense collection of deep, dark and mesmerising hard
techno bangers from the best , Globaly sourced techno artists!
All killers...No fillers!!

This release is gaining early support from the techno scene's finest DJ's;
Africa Islam, Afrozoid, Anderson Noise, Cave DJz, Cedrick Ep Digital,
Chainsmoker, Clarkee [Area 51], DJ Hendrik [Iceland], DJ K.N (Mass United), DJ
Warp (Japan) / Takashi Watanabe, Darkmode, Daz Furey, Donnell Knox, Dr Motte,
Evron19, Gemma Furbank, Ian Void, Jake Conlon, Jason Mills, John Rowe, John
Warwick [Primate], Jon E Thin Bremmar, Joseph Capriati, Kev Boustead, Louk,
Marcello Perri, Mark Anthony, Mark Neenan, Nori [Posivision], Ohm [Iceland],
Olly Berry [OB1], Omid Dubtek, Onionz, Patrick DSP, Paul Langley, Proteus /
Puss and Kram, Roman Zawodny, Sascha Zastiral, Tiptoe [Leeds], Zuni [Tribal
Waves] and hopefully you!

LABEL: Hypnohouse Trax
ARTIST: Various Artists
TITLE: Hypnosis 01
GENRE: Hard Techno / Techno
RELEASE DATE: 2017-05-21

Michael Lambart - Dream Interface (Original Mix)
Flash-X - Thriller (Original Mix)
Ramorae - Mendelevium (Original Mix)
Jhyka - Small Time Rut (Original Mix)
John Rowe - Groove Technition (Original Mix)
Gennaro Petruzziello - Smoking Perc (Original Mix)
Dave Elyzium - Scraps (Original Mix)
The GBR Project - Coming to Collect (Original Mix)
Roman Faero - Dark Falls (Dilation Remix)
Raffaele Genovese - Come to Berlin (Original Mix)
Unfound Theory - Coded Message (Original Mix)
B_Tek - Heavy Artillery (Original Mix)

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