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► CAT:EO 06
► Accidental Melody - Rusty Robot Remxes
► Release Date: 31/08/2016
► Genre: Acid House/Techno

What a fantastic pack of acidic remixes we havefor you here!
The original lays the groundwork, with immediately dancey rhythms, a weird but catchy melody line, and hard highs. The acid explodes forth from an early breakdown, massaging the melody line all the way through to the finish.

Our first remix comes courtesy of Chrome Beats, and immediately captures the robotic elements of the original. Bleeps and swoops surround the track, to be joined by a jogging fractured acid line later, adding energy and a beautiful synergetic progression, before the hi hats finally bounce their way into the track. Great progressive techno chugger.

Secondly, we have Accidental Melody's own Cepheus remix, which is a slower and more thoughtful offering than the others on the EP. Essentially big room acid, with an excellent appreciation of space and nice broken highs - both of which add to the pensiveness of the track. This big room setting is playfully warped on the way out of the breakdown, with an awesome repeated 'Acid' vocal and unsettling laughter, before sliding back across the spectrum to resume the big room feel that it began with (but still plenty of acid), and some nice African-influenced toms to finish. Lovely twists and turns to surprise a crowd with.

Our third remix is courtesy of DJ Arg, and has a wonderfully strange start, with springs and vibrating plastic samples building the beat - as if a mechanical parts are clunking over one another - into a solid kick. Out of these robotic depths surges the acid line to add a real filthy tangibility, before the hi's fly in to adding real energy to the prior filthiness. Really great hard metallic clangs through the breakdown into an acid-tinged drop, before receding into the same weirdness that it arose. Slightly left-field and sure to please any acid-loving crowd.
Finally, we have OOM's Techno Rezistor Remix, the darkest of the EP's offerings. The beats rise steadily, sounding as if submerged, before rising from the depths of the kick dripping in deep acid. This seeming wetness to the acid-soaked production builds tension beautifully in the track into a nice spacey breakdown, before acid resumes. Pulsing acid with rumbling robotics (akin to a slow plane propellor chug) typify this excellent building track. Great for adding tension at the start of a set.

All offerings on this EP sound beautifully machine-driven, acid-infused, and all have their own unique way of tying the production together - be it chugging techno, big room acid, surging acid filth, or moist dark beats - all standout tracks, essential for any techno DJ collection!

You can support the artist directly and download a copy from Bandcamp here:
Also available at I-Tunes, Beatport,Traxsource,
Trackitdown, Juno and all major outlets!

DJ's supporting this release  so far!
Africa Islam, Afrozoid, Audio Pirate, Ben Techy, Billy Bunter, Cedrick Ep Digital, Clarkee [Area 51], Cristian Varela, DJ K.N (Mass United), DJ Warp (Japan) / Takashi Watanabe, Dave Sandison [Techno Rebels], Daz Furey, Dolby D, Gabor Nelman, John Rowe [Hypnohouse Trax], Kev Boustead, Lasawers, Louk, Mark EG, Moonplay, Nori [Posivision], Ohm [Iceland], Omid Dubtek, Onionz, Paul Spectrum, Raw Method [Bubblejam], Roman Zawodny, Simon Leeks, Sirius Brown, Steven Mc [Forte], Tawa Girl, Thomas Heckman, Tom Page, Warshaw Terror Boys, Will Atkinson [I-DJ]

Words by Simon Leeks

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