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► CAT:EO011
► MIKE VOLT - 'Can You Feel It?' E.P
► Release Date: 23/03/2016
► Genre:Techno/Acid House

Can You Feel It? Can you feel the acid in your veins and rhythms in your brain? Mike Volt lands on Enigmatic Output with two brutally elegant acid cuts for the dancers and the heads. On Side A Volt channels the raw beauty of early Chicago pioneers with “Can You Feel It?”

The instantly recognizable Mr Fingers sample echoes like a call to prayer before driving the rave home with a hectic breakdown that further shows Volt's own production prowess. The flip see’s Volt in heads down mode, an acid line snaking between patiently built drums and percussion from the get-go, before unleashing the beast in a mind-melting acid solo. It’s one for the early hours and bleary eyed or one for as the night is starting to twist and turn into the acid wilderness. ”Fly to...” is aptly named, with the exact destination unique to each dancer, a musical journey for all on the floor.

Both cuts keep a club of any size shifting and the brilliant vocal clip would bring a brief moment of clarity to our raving souls. However you choose to use this EP, treat with care as this is not child’s play.
You can support the artist directly and download a copy from Bandcamp here:
Also available at I-Tunes, Beatport,Traxsource,
Trackitdown, Juno and all major outlets!

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