(HHT048) CAR-D - 'The Bloke'

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► CAT:HH048
► CAR-D - The Bloke E.P
► Release Date: 09/03/2016
► Genre:Techno/Hard Techno

The Bloke is losing it, so is that bloke he is with, in fact the whole floor have thrown their heads and hands up to the heavens in a moment of fever-pitch! Car-D lands exclusively on Hypnohouse Trax with a driving, peak time cut for when your really ready to let rip. A kick and low-end that Joey Beltram would be proud of,“The Bloke" is unrelenting forceful techno with an acid chaser.
LasaWers derails you with the brilliantly hectic nature of his remixed breakdown, Justin-E excels by adding early groove to the already powerful drum programming and Juan Carlos gets the synth line moving to great effect. For when the crowd want it wild, you need this in your armory. 
They will thank you once they have pulled themselves back together some days later!

You can support the artist directly and download a copy from Bandcamp:   
Also available at I-Tunes, Beatport,Traxsource, Trackitdown, Juno and all major outlets!

DJ's supporting this release;
Paco OsunA , Louk, DP-6,Michael Lambart ,Dr.Motte,John Rowe, Primitive Fingerprint,Afrozoid,Darkmode,Flash-x,Zombie in Progress,Justin-E,Joseph Capriati,DragonHoang,Alex Jockey,i1ambivalent,Chris Collins,Chris Chambers,Saimon,Giacomo Stallone,Michel de Hey,audiopirate,Dandi & Ugo,Twisted Kurt,Juan Carlos,Plan-E, Mss Tec & many more..

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