► CAT: HT909011
► Accentbuster & Oedla - The Rainbow Warrior Remixes
► Release Date: 23/09/2015
► Genre: Acid House / Acid Techno
► TrackList:

01 ACCENTBUSTER & OEDLA - Rainbow Warrior (Stategic Warrior Supercomand Remix)
02 ACCENTBUSTER & OEDLA - Rainbow Warrior (Jack Wax Remix)
03 ACCENTBUSTER & OEDLA - Rainbow Warrior (Gendefekt Remix)
04 ACCENTBUSTER & OEDLA - Rainbow Warrior (John Rowe Remix)
HYPNOTEK909 Eleven has landed! This time it's the 'Rainbow Warrior' remixes
The original was released on Hypnohouse Trax earlier this year on gaining huge support from the techno scenes elite! Here we have four outstanding takes on the original acid house/tech monster! I love them all and have been dying to see the release of this E.P for months now as i've been dropping various into my set to great effect, Both Frank (Accentbuster) & Oedla are both respected and hugely talented German acid producers in their own right and if you like this package you'll be pleased to know Accentbuster has a fantastic back catalog of work for you to dig into dating back to the early 90's and Oedla is know for her work with ACID ALL-STARS and has collaborated with artists such as Cari Lekebusch. This is definitely my favorite on HYPNOTEK909 release to date and I hope you enjoy it as much as i do, Its always good to hear your feedback. You can also look forward to 'Stategic Warrior Supercomand Remix' on vinyl early next year on Hypnotek Records 002, Something i'm really looking forward to delivering...so go and grab your EXCLUSIVE digital copy over at 909LONDON Today where a few of the remixes are causing a shake at the top end of the chart! http://www.909london.com/Hypnotek909/

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