Label:     Hypnotek909
Cat No.   HT90906
Genre:    Acid Techno
Release: 08/07/2014

It all started in 2004, when Scraperz noise laid his hands on a Groovebox. He had been listening to electronic music for a long time, and understood then that he wanted to produce his own. 
He quickly obtained his first drum machines and started his apprenticeship.
He earned his stripes playing rave's  in Paris, where he got into his first sound system,
He then played in numerous parties throughout France.
After a few years, he started to refine his style
He embarked on computer music in 2009, and never lost the urge to play live.
Nowadays, he tries not to restrict himself to one style : techno, minimal, electro, always retaining his unique personal sound. Today he works non stop and wants, above all things, to play his live music and make people dance ! In short, for him it’s all about sharing musical experiences and pleasure.

Here we have his debut E.P for Hypnotek. Four groovy acid tracks that hint back towards the early acid house sound while still keeping things up-tempo. This is a turbo-charged, Rough and ready release thats bound to rock the dancefloor....Check it out here

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