Hypnohouse Purple are proud to present.... Brainswitch's debut album 'Modulated World' 'Brainswitch' is the project name of Italian electro-techno artist Luigi Cantelli , Former drummer, he started producing electronic music at 2000 and has already had numerous releases on labels such as Audiobit Records, Family Records, Kroton Sound Recordings and Delectable Records. His tracks have a very appealing analogue sound with jacking off-kilter drum rhythms and dark melodic synths that create an abstract yet distinctive sound-scape that is both euphoric and energetically charged. 'Modulated World' is packed full of ideas and has a strong personality which guarantees longevity and makes this album great listening both on and off the dance floor. A perfectly fitting release for the dark nights of winter and a strongly recommended download!   DOWNLOAd

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