Welcomining new addition to the Hypnohouse Trax roster..RENE REITER

Hypnohouse Trax give a warm welcome to our new crew member Rene Reiter. At the not so delicate age of 14, it was Rene Reiter’s first acquaintance with electronical music. In 1994 he dove into the sound of hard and acid trance. Buying all cd’s and records at the record label Steinklang, It soon became clear that his wallet would suffer dramaticly.

At the much wiser age of 16, he was pulled to the metal- and gothicscene (sadly there are no pictures from the time period). What started with delicate and gentle blackmetal soon ended with industrial and EBM and the realization that there is only one passion and that is hard solid techno.

By the end of 2000 he bought two Technics recordplayer and a Pioneer Mixer and began to practice 2-3 hours a day. August 2001 he attended the Cave-Club-DJ-Contest in Salzburg. After that more performances followed.
August 2002 he won the DJ-Contest and became a big part of the Cave Club clubscene.
2005 he starded the Bodyhammer-Collection and took part at the Unite Parade.
Sticking to solid UK Techno and hot ACID, he played next to DJ’s like Mike Humphrie,Dave the Drummer,Sterling Moss,MAXX,Alex Calver ,Patrick DSP,Marco Remus.

Next to being a successful DJ he produced many Tracks. The first release of his label “Carbon Audio Records” that he managed with Maxx (Polymeric Records UK) even made it to english stores.
Up to 2011 releases of labels like Polymeric Records (UK),Soundattack Records (F),Scythe Squadron Records (PL),Circulate
Records (PL),Crastin Records (A) and a lot of Ep’s on the Mazedonischen Label Alienforce Digital followed.
He released labels with important DJ’s such as Maxx,3Phazegenerator,Albert
Kraner,Jamie Taylor,Rhythm Technologies,Lucian Kee,Larix,Collen Vax,Anjay,Bentech,DDR,Miss Kosmix,Orteka,Spark Taberner,Ganez the Terrible,Chris Liberator,Sterling Moss,Riino,Pino Lopez,Kem Dust,Static Sense and Andreas Florin.


Rene Reiter - webplayer by renereiter

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