(HHT006) Various Artists - Nighthazard E.P OUT NOW!!

Maxx & 3phazegenerator kick start the E.p with title track 'Nighthazard' Known and respected on the Techno scene for their phenominal releases on top labels such as Cluster, Polymeric,Carbon audio and Generator Uk to name a few of many. 'Nighthazard' is no different, A slamming hard techno workout that throbs with underground energy. Driving funky grooves are order of the day on this tried and tested dancefloor bomb! Next up Lucian Kee gives us 'Ripped cone' a shuddering warehouse rocker, Tough progressive techno that keeps things hard and hypnotic. A truly unique effort from this up and coming polish techno miester. Justin-E kicks up the tempo for 'Ghost in the machine' A ravey UK techno stomp with ballsy beats and avin' it attitude. Italy's B_Tek closes the E.P with 'Right beat' a wicked take on the Hardgroove genre, Stuttering vocals and sleazy synth stabs drive this monster of a track to its frenzied climax. All in all a nifty little package! Grab yourself a copy here.. http://www.beatport.com/release/nighthazard-e-p/922027

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