(HHP002) Replicalex - Music is for everyone E.P **OUT NOW!**

Replicalex - Music is for everyone E.P

RELEASE DATE 2012-06-22
LABEL Hypnohouse Purple

Replicalex serves us 4 of the deepest tracks to be released on Hypnohouse yet. 'Music is for everyone' Has one of the most emotive and memorable riffs you will hear all summer. A classic electro-techno groover. We've held this one back for long enough..The time feels right to spread the Joy. Next up 'Growing up' an introspective little number which almost takes us into progressive trance territory without losing the soul and depth of the techno Relicalex is known and respected for. 'Disctech' Closes the E.p surfing the lines between tech-house and the more industrial Italo-disco sound. You won't believe the amount of ideas and inspirational musicianship expressed on this, One of hypnohouse's most intelligent and soulful offerings to date Go grab yourself a copy immediately!

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